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Lesbian Ethics Re-Investigated: A Socio-Political Comment

Marta Olasik

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My intention throughout the text is to thoroughly examine the question of lesbian ethics with regard to its social, political, and strategic values. First I need to outline certain cultural and social processes that determine the position of non-heterosexual women. However, my point of departure and the main body of my analysis is going to be the philosophy of lesbian ethics as based on Sarah Lucia Hoagland’s 1988 volume, Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value. I argue that it needs to be revived. I will thus introduce the author’s project and further apply it to possibilities of the circumstances of today. Intersectionality and interdisciplinarity will prove essential here – particularly regarding sociology and certain philosophical concepts. As a queer lesbian scholar, I derive a lot from the queer perspective, although its use here is going to be limited. More significant will be my position as a scholar based in Poland. As I intend to show, the Central-Eastern European context, though too often considered the margin, does have much to offer. Altogether, the paper is a socio-political comment.

Keywords: lesbianity, ethics, lesbian separatism, lesbian desire, care of the self, CEE, culture


Bibliography: Olasik, Marta: Lesbian Ethics Re-Investigated: A Socio-Political Comment, INSEP, Vol. 2, Issue 1/2014, pp. 54-72.