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Sade, Pasolini and the anarchy of power

Riccardo Finozzi

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The article moves from the representational problem of the anarchy of power as developed in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s movie Salò, inspired by Marquise De Sade’s work 120 Days of Sodom. The encounter between the moviemaker and the writer is allowed by the paradoxical nature of such a notion, which makes it irreducible to rational terms and yet exposed through literature and cinema. Such a representation, nevertheless, bears costs in terms of the artist’s life and his historical context. This leads to a critique of our contemporary notion of universality and its anthropological and economic counterpart as inherently contradictory and violent.

Keywords: power, victim, consumer, representation’ frustration’ universal


Bibliography: Finozzi, Riccardo: Sade, Pasolini and the anarchy of power, INSEP, Vol. 4, Issue 1-2016, pp. 87-95.