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Shopdropping. Materialities, Mobilities, Creative Interventions

Mara Mürlebach

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This article brings together a feminist sloth, a cultural activist practice and a Human Geography student. That student, the author of this article, shopdropped a sloth sticker to protest the discriminatory body politics of diet magazines. Through a practice-based and autoethnographic approach, she tries to make sense of her own experience and of shopdropping as an activist practice. Drawing on the geographical concepts of place and movement, shopdropping is situated within the debates around subversive material cultures and creative interventions into places of consumption. Shopdroppers‘ disobedient things lend themselves to thinking through the connections between geography, art, and activism and for contemplating the effects of creative engagements with cultures of consumption.

Keywords: shopdropping, material geographies, subversive material culture, disobedient things, consumption cultures


Bibliographie: Mürlebach, Mara: Shopdropping. Materialities, Mobilities, Creative Interventions, Soziologiemagazin, 2-2018, S. 63-75.