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Role transformations in collaborative RD-projects as reciprocationbetween research, practice and policy

Mikaela Vasstrom, Roger Normann

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This paper discusses how roles in RD-projects can transform and develop through the duration of a project and how different types of knowledge reciprocate with policy learning at different scales. Research, practice and policy represent different but interconnected social spheres, each with different interests, institutional rationalities and values. When different institutional rationalities meet in the setting of a collaborative RD-projects there are many factors that will affect process efficacy and project outcomes. In this paper we focus on how researchers and practitioners can fill different collaborative roles, work in desired or undesired pairings, through the duration of a RD-project. The paper argues that through making role clarification and adaptation part of reciprocal processes, the likelihood of creating learning and added value for all parties can increase.

Keywords: collaboration, RD-project roles, research methods, policy learning