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Fairer Handel als nachhaltige Entwicklungsstrategie. Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme am Beispiel Mexikos

Sebastian Nessel

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Schlagwörter: Fairer Handel, nachhaltige Entwicklung, Migration, Mexiko


Fair Trade in Mexico as a tool for rural development?


Taking Mexico as an example, this paper examines the potential of Fair  Trade as a rural development strategy. It is argued that Fair Trade’s  impact on rural development needs to be analyzed in the context of other income strategies that the rural poor pursue. I discuss migration and  participation in Fair Trade as different possibilities to generate income in rural areas and assess their abilities to stimulate rural development. My findings suggest that participation in Fair Trade results in some positive  effects on the livelihoods of the rural population. These effects stem from strengthening Fair Trade Cooperatives and the existence of broader  Mexican Fair Trade Institutions. Whereas Fair Trade includes some  possibilities for rural development, I argue that, nevertheless, Fair Trade  has to be combined with broader and multiple development strategies to substantially improve rural livelihoods.

Keywords: fair trade, sustainable development, migration, Mexico