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Neue Strukturen der Abhängigkeit: Das globale Produktionsnetzwerk der Gensojaproduktion in Argentinien. Ein Beitrag zur entwicklungstheoretischen Debatte

Anna Dobelmann

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Schlagwörter: Soja, Argentinien, gentechnisch veränderte Pflanzen, Dependenztheorie, Landwirtschaft, globales Produktionsnetzwerk


New Structures of Dependency: The Global Production Network of GMO Soy in Argentina


A Contribution to Development Theory. This article analyses the multiple  transformations of Argentinean soy production caused by the introduction  of genetically modifi ed organisms (GMO). The most important developments are the restructuring of the seed and pesticide industry, the  increase of contract farming, the amplifi ed access of financial capital to  agriculture as well as the concentration processes within production and the transnationalization of the processing industry and export. Working with the analytical framework of Global Production Networks (GPN), the analysis focuses on power relations within the production network and concludes that the Argentinean “soy-boom” creates transnational corporation dominance. This is especially seen through their ability to apropriate most of the production surplus by occupying key positions in the network, for  example in the seed and pesticide industry, processing industry, and in  export. Based on this analysis, the author observes the formation of new structures of dependency and proposes the actualization of Dependency Theory to overcome their state-centred

Keywords: soy, Argentina, genetically modified organism, dependency theory, agriculture, global production network