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Deutsche Entwicklungspolitik und Staatsaufbau im Südsudan

Christin Bernhold


Schlagwörter: Deutsche Entwicklungspolitik, Südsudan, Staatsaufbau, Friedensbildung, Bürgerkrieg, Imperialismus


German Development Policy and State-Building in South Sudan.


This paper critically analyzes German bilateral Official Development Aid (ODA) in Sudan, embedding it in a broader review of ‘state-building’  delivered by western capitalist states. It argues that, after the  Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between Sudan and South Sudan, German ODA became geared towards statebuilding in the now independent South. Even if Germany is not a major player in the country (e.g. compared to other donors, like the US), its ODA supported an explicitly secessionist conflict party even though the CPA called on all parties involved to make unity attractive. Largely ignoring the causes of long-standing conflicts within South Sudan, the German government thus conceded to the  probability of new acts of violence. In the first part, this paper briefly outlines the history of civil war between Sudan and South Sudan. The  subsequent critique of state-building is followed by a short portrayal of the United States’ policies towards Sudan, being the most important donor in South Sudan. The fourth part turns to German bilateral ODA in Sudan with regard to its geographic and sectoral distribution. The final chapter discusses the impact of this particular development policy in light of imperialist interests.

Keywords: German development policy, South Sudan, state-building, peacebuilding, civil war, imperialism


Bibliographie: Bernhold, Christin: Deutsche Entwicklungspolitik und Staatsaufbau im Südsudan, PERIPHERIE, 3-2015, S. 419-446.



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