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Globale Strukturpolitik oder nachhaltiger Neoliberalismus? Anmerkungen zum Entwicklungsdiskurs des BMZ unter der rot-grünen Bundesregierung

Aram Ziai

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The concept of „globale Strukturpolitik“ was introduced 1998 by the new federal government as an innovation in development policy. Many critics acknowledge that the concept is a step in the right direction but bemoan its insufficient implementation due to the negligible influence of the BMZ. An analysis of BMZ discourse, however, leads to the conclusion that the concept itself – although presenting itself as opposed to market fundamentalism – remains within a neoliberal framework, so that „sustainable neoliberalism“ appears to be an adequate term. It describes a kind of neoliberalism that includes certain ecological and participatory elements and tries to help the poor by better integrating them into the world market and thus letting them share the benefits of economic globalisation. The concept of „globale strukturpolitik“ can therefore be seen as an instance of the transformation of the classical paradigm of development in an era of globalisation.