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Der Mythos Nanotechnologie. Die Entstehung und Durchsetzung einer neuen Inwertsetzungstechnologie

Joscha Wullweber

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Nanotechnology – the construction of a myth.

Nanotechnology is widely accepted as the emerging future technology. This apparently marvellous technology becomes important for government technology policies in a lot of countries. A global nanotechnology race has started. However, nanotechnology represents more than a new technology. It is a myth that serves certain interests and strategies to reconstruct society. The governing of nanotechnology is in align with the reconstruction of a knowledge-based economy and fosters the creation of a competition state. Within this process the commodification of knowledge and nature is intensified with considerable impacts especially for the global south. The regulation of this process is conflict-ridden and characterised by contradictions. And governments have to win the „perception wars“ to achieve acceptance for nanotechnology by the citizen.