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Zwischen alten Vorurteilen und neuen Denkweisen – Programme zur reproduktiven Gesundheit in Mexiko

Martina Krause

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Old Prejudices and New Thinking – Reproductive Health Programmes in Mexico.

The study focuses on the new paradigma of reproductive health as introduced at the UN Conference on Population and Development 1994, how it is implemented at the regional level of the National Programs of Mexico. The author asks if the programs do bring more self determination and better health conditions for women. Within the efforts of modernization the health ministry of Mexico used the constructions of gender and ethnicity to face cuts in public budgets by focusing on more self initiatives and communal resources. At the same time it insisted on the goal of reducing population growth especially of the indigenous population. The author contrasts the popular thesis of the incapability of „ethnic“ and „modern“ with case studies of the reproductive and health related behaviour of indigenous men and women. She refers to social aspects as the patterns of interethnic relationships and the cultural concepts of body and health.