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Extended Education in Switzerland: Values in Past, Present, and Future

Marianne Schüpbach

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It is only in recent years that extended education has been a topic of broader public interest in Switzerland. The impetuses for extended education were changes in social and family conditions, and PISA 2000. In 2007 under the HarmoS Intercantonal Agreement on Harmonization of Compulsory Schooling in Switzerland, all cantons that adopted the HarmoS Agreement are obligated to provide extended education offerings meeting the needs of children and to introduce canton-wide core times. The developments in recent years in two trailblazing cantons – Basel-Stadt and Bern – presented as examples will most likely show the way forward for the further development and expansion of extended education across Switzerland. This means that in the future, in addition to quantitative expansion there will probably be a main focus on qualitative expansion of extended education. In a long-term perspective, there may be a development in the direction of all-day school scheduling for all students: schools with all-day hours as the normal case.

Keywords: Extended education, all-day school, development, value, Switzerland


Bibliography: Schüpbach, Marianne: Extended Education in Switzerland: Values in Past, Present, and Future, IJREE, Vol. 2, Issue 2-2014, pp. 104-118.