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Social Activism and Extended Education

Chitra Golestani

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Partnerships between schools and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are common in extended education providing students broader choices in after-school programing. This article explores how collaboration between educators teaching in after-school clubs and an international human rights NGO, Invisible Children, mobilized student activism across the United States in middle schools, high schools and on junior college campuses. This study suggests that collaboration between teachers in and out-of-school time (OST) with one or more NGOs produced insights in three categories: 1) teachers’ perceptions about student sociopolitical consciousness (SPC), 2) teacher pedagogy and praxis, and 3) student leadership and activism. The results pose opportunities to conduct further research on: 1) the impact of a mutually reinforcing process of teacher and student activism, 2) benefits and constraints of NGO collaboration within schools, and 3) emergence of global citizenship education for sustainable social change.

Keywords: After-school, student activism, global citizenship, youth development


Bibliography: Golestani, Chitra: Social Activism and Extended Education, IJREE, Vol. 4, Issue 2-2016, pp. 110-127.