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About Socialization of Russia in the “Big Eight”: Russia’s Self-perception

Igor Y. Kiselev, Anna G. Smirnova

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In the article the process of socialization of states in International Relations is under consideration. Russia’s acquisition of a G8 group member status during 1997-2006 used as an example. The results of empirical research, which describes the main stages of socialization of the country in the “Group of Eight” and formation of its new identity as an active participant of the G8, are presented. It was proved that acquisition of status by Russia in the “Big Eight” coincided with the formation of its new identity in accordance with the membership criteria of the club of major industrialized democracies. Thus, the empirical research enabled us to come to the conclusion about the formation of Russia’s identity as the participant of the “Group of Eight” and completion of its socialization there.

Keywords: socialization – international relations – state image – Russia – “Group of Eight”