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Civic Education for the 21st Century: Russia and the USA

Tatiana Samsonova

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The principal objective of the article is to increase awareness about current trends in civic education, particularly with respect to challenges facing educators in Russia and the USA at the beginning of the 21st century. Global trends are shifting the environments in which civic education unfolds. The middle school and high school years are pivotal in the political socialization and civic education of citizens. This study traces current trends and problems in civic education in both Russia and the USA in the following directions: teacher experience and continuing professional training; civic education imperatives and types of politics reflected; textbooks and instructional materials; the role of interactive programs and critical thinking in civic education; formal and informal curriculum; co-curriculum activities and civic-oriented learning; importance of Russian-American cooperation in civic education development.

Keywords: civic education – political socialization – Russia – USA


Bibliography: Samsonova, Tatiana: Civic Education for the 21st Century: Russia and the USA, PCS, 1-2013, pp. 23-34.