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The Roles of Higher Education in Political Socialization

Zou Fangming

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With the primary functions of cultural inheritance and innovation, university education shapes students’ growth and development and has a huge impact on their political socialization. Although Chinese and westerners hold different ideas towards politics, they actually have the same opinion about political socialization, i.e., the constant pursuit of ideal political order. However, in China, politics embodies the social ontology and rules, moral and justice and the governing means and methods as well. China university education has always been the driving force of history according to its own logic since ancient time. Likewise, political socialization of the university education exerts itself on the mainstream political culture, promotion of students’ political awareness and the establishment of core value identity, etc., in the process of Chinese modernization.

Keywords: University Education – Individual development – Politics and Morals – Socialization – Modernization


Bibliography: Fangming, Zou: The Roles of Higher Education in Political Socialization, PCS, 1-2014, pp. 6-16.