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Political Cultural Dimensions of Indian Democracy in the Era of Globalisation

S. S. Patagundi

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Globalisation influences the process of political socialization. This study is an attempt to understand the relation between political culture and the working of Indian democracy in the era of globalization. This involves the study of democratic culture, mass and elite political culture, social justice as a value of the Indian society, destruction of local culture and growth of populist culture. We will discuss how these are manifested in the working of Indian democracy. Political culture comes into operation at the time of elections and is manifested in various forms such as opposition or support to a specific political party or
group of parties. It is generally found that globalisation has a significant bearing on people’s thinking about politics. A major finding of this study is that globalisation has a very significant bearing on the process of the modification of the Indian political culture reflecting it in the working of the Indian democracy.
Keywords: Globalisation – political socialization – Indian democracy – political culture