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New Forms of Subjectivation and Political Socialization Facing New Contents and Forms of Governance in Education Systems

Olivier Giraud

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This article analyses the emerging tensions in education systems in the context of globalisation. Based on empirical research comparing the cases of England and France, it draws attention on the implications of both the transformation and diversification of subjectivation and political socialisation modes in contemporary societies and of the transformation of the education contents and governance forms in these both countries. Departing from very different starting positions, the trajectories of both regimes are in some way converging as they both combine local/regional forms of steering and also combine hierarchy and network forms of steering. In England, the trajectory of the system towards more centralization implies more hierarchy and mandatory instruments in education than in the French case. In none of the countries examined here however, there seem to be a clear and general movement towards an explicit opening of
the governance model of schools to new possible sources of socialization typical of the globalization age.
Keywords: Globalisation – education – socialization – governance