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Political socialization in a failed democracy: Civic education in Thailand

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In 1932 Thailand became a constitutional democracy with a traditional monarchy. Since then the country has experienced twelve ‘successful’ military coups d’ etat to make it one of the most coup prone nations in the world and an unstable democracy. This paper analyses an opportunity for schools in Thailand to contribute significantly to the political socialization of young Thais as a means to address the persistent failure of the country’s democratic procedures. Non-school factors, such as authoritarian family characteristics, may negate school attempts to instill democratic behavior. Although civic education in Thai schools appears to have largely failed, the Democratic Citizenship Education Curriculum Project, developed by, with and for Thais, provides schools and teachers with the opportunity to develop democratic citizens through the school socialization process.

Keywords: political socialization, democracy, democratic citizenship education


Bibliography: Print, Murray: Political socialization in a failed democracy: Civic education in Thailand, PCS – Politics, Culture and Socialization, 1+2-2017, pp. 81-94.