Vol. 9, No. 1+2-2018: PCS – Politics, Culture and Socialization

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Content PDF
Editorial PDF
Christ’l De Landtsheer, Daniel B. German, Henk Dekker


Going negative by metaphors: The Donbass conflict in the Russian and the Ukrainian press PDF
Ganna Diedkova, Christ'l De Landtsheer
The Colonialist Roots of Democratic Decay: Collective Action, Experimental Psychology, and Spatial Discourse PDF
Richard D. Anderson, Jr.
The Image of Russia in Contemporary Russian Society: Political and Psychological Analysis PDF
Elena Shestopal
The Influence of Early Childhood Socialization on Political Decision Making in Adulthood: Benyamin Netanyahu’s Potential to Become a Peacemaker PDF
Arie Geronik

Book Reviews

New Right (Nieuw Rechts, Nouvelle Droit). By Ico Maly (2018). 332 p. Berchem: Uitgeverij EPO. ISBN 978-94-6267-124-9 PDF
Jessica Jansen
Face-to-face diplomacy social neuroscience and international relations. By Marcus Holmes (2018). 314 p. Cambridge University Press. ISBN-10: 1108417078 PDF
Marie Blanche de Posch
For a Left Populism (2018). By Chantal Mouffe (2018) 414 p. London: Verso. ISBN-10: 1786637553 PDF
Maud Peeters
Emotions, Media and Politics. By Karin Wahl-Jorgensen (2019). 220 p. Cambridge: Polity Press. ISBN 978-0-7456-6104-9 PDF
Lotte Daens
Mothers, Daughters and Political Socialization ‒ Two Generations at an American Women’s College. By Krista Jenkins (2013). 178 p. Philadephia, Pennsylvania: Temple University Press. ISBN-10: 143990927X PDF
Natacha Waldmann