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Deutsch-Polnische Erinnerungsorte: Zur Genese einer Idee

Hans Henning Hahn, Robert Traba

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German-Polish Realms of Memory: The Genesis of an Idea


In this article, the editors of German-Polish Realms of Memory, currently the largest cooperation project in the field of German and Polish humanities, reconstruct their separate academic paths to initiating a common research project on both countries’ memory cultures. Their research experiences in the history of stereotypes and national mythologies or national constructions of memory and memory cultures as university professor at Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg and researcher/activist in the NGO Foundation “Borussia” in Olsztyn, respectively, have significantly shaped their approaches to the concept of German-Polish realms of memory.


Bibliographie: Hahn, Hans Henning/Traba, Robert: Deutsch-Polnische Erinnerungsorte: Zur Genese einer Idee, JB historie, 1-2016, S. 57-65.