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Das besetzte Polen in zwei Weltkriegen: Zu Vergleich und Kontinuitäten

Stephan Lehnstaedt

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Occupied Poland in Two World Wars. Comparisons and Continuities


This article deals with the alleged continuities and similarities between the occupations in the East during World War I and World War II. It points out claims that scholars have previously made and highlights perspectives that deserve further attention. Although this question is well worth investigating simply because of the obvious fact that there was no Holocaust between 1914 and 1918, beyond this fact, not much has been accomplished so far. Thus, far-reaching assumptions of a German “special path” (Sonderweg) should be questioned, especially when Austro-Hungarian politics are brought into the equation. The case of Poland shows why World War I was not “automatically” more brutal in the East than in the West, and that soldiers had not yet “learned” the racial superiority that determined Nazi rule 25 years later. The Great War and its continuities should be investigated in their own right, not just with the Second World War in mind.


Bibliographie: Lehnstaedt, Stephan: Das besetzte Polen in zwei Weltkriegen: Zu Vergleich und Kontinuitäten, JB historie, 1-2016, S. 119-132.