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Das Jahr 1945: Wann beginnt das polnische Nachkriegskino?

Piotr Zwierzchowski

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1945. When does Polish Postwar Cinema begin?


The end of World War II brought fundamental political, social, economic, and cultural change to Poland. The year 1945, even if only because it was  the year the war ended, would appear to be an obvious turning point in the history of Polish cinema. However, several key issues related to this break must be taken into consideration: the periodization of that history (with special attention paid to criteria governing the designation of a symbolic  “zero hour”), continuity and discontinuity between pre- and postwar Polish cinema, and cinema in the context of postwar transformations in Poland.  The author argues that the fluidity of this turning point/border line be  accentuated. Such an approach seems to be best when considering the  beginnings of Polish cinema after World War II in general. However, when  discussing specific issues, one must take into account their particular  nature and the type of activities in question.


Bibliographie: Zwierzchowski, Piotr: Das Jahr 1945: Wann beginnt das polnische Nachkriegskino?, JB historie, 1-2016, S. 181-191.