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Grenzgänger. Leon Chwistek (1884-1944) im Kontext der Wissenschaftskultur seiner Zeit

Sophie Schwarzmaier

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Across Borders. Leon Chwistek (1884-1944) in the Context of the Scientific Culture of his Time


This paper presents the Polish philosopher, logician and artist Leon Chwistek (1884-1944) in the context of the scientific culture of his time. Dealing with his biography and work, it analyzes – in a European context – the dominant discourses, institutions and networks in Polish science and art before World War II. Chwistek himself crossed both national and disciplinary borders; he moved between Kraków, Lviv, Paris, Göttingen and Vienna, and he was active in mathematical logic, art and philosophy. In his philosophical theory of the Multiplicity of Realities, developed between 1916 and 1935, Chwistek combined the perspective of a scientist with that of an artist. Here it is presented against the backdrop of the works of German philosopher Ernst Cassirer and Polish microbiologist Ludwik Fleck. Chwistek’s philosophy is thus situated in the broader context of a European selfreflective discourse about science and its truths as a part of human culture.


Bibliographie: Schwarzmaier, Sophie: Grenzgänger. Leon Chwistek (1884-1944) im Kontext der Wissenschaftskultur seiner Zeit, JB historie, 1-2016, S. 361-374.