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„Ich gebe mir die Ehre, Sie zu ersuchen…“ Briefe an Generalgouverneur Hans Frank 1939-40

Jerzy Kochanowski

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(“It is an honour for me to write to you, Sir…”.) Letters to Governor-General Hans Frank, 1939-40


The text presents several letters and petitions kept at the Central Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw, as part of the fund of the socalled Government of the Generalgovernment. They were written by people living in the German-occupied territories of the Republic of Poland (mainly within the Generalgovernment) between October 1939 and May 1940, to the new German government, particularly to Governor-General Hans Frank. The authors were Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech, and German, of various professions and social sectors. The letters concern questions of material or propertyrelated nature (e.g. requesting the return of requisitioned things) as well as personal issues (e.g. marriage with a German, change of citizenship). On the other hand, most of the letters sent by Jews protested against the obligation to wear an armlet with the Star of David, which was a real and symbolic sign of their exclusion from the society. With the current knowledge and experience, we are aware how impractical these attempts were. Nonetheless, they should make us rethink the variety of occupation attitudes, and how easily it comes to us to pronounce judgements about those realities.


Bibliographie: Kochanowski, Jerzy: „Ich gebe mir die Ehre, Sie zu ersuchen…“ Briefe an Generalgouverneur Hans Frank 1939-40, JB historie, 1-2014, S. 182-193.